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Book of Isaiah Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Moab Gets Mo' Ab-solute Destruction (See What We Did There?)

  • Now comes a prophecy against Moab.
  • Because a bunch of different places have been destroyed, Moab has been totally undone. (God, through Isaiah, provides a list of all the locations: Ar, Kir, Dibon, Nebo, and Medeba.)
  • Everyone has gone bald and lost their beards. They walk around mourning, dressed in sackcloth, wailing and crying
  • Another list of locations that are being destroyed are listed. These are all different places where people are crying out. Local roads and waters are full of crying people fleeing from desolation.
  • The grass dies and the rest of the planted stuff withers, and people are forced to carry away and use their formerly abundant stashes of food.
  • Wailing will keep happening all over (note: there'll be lots of wailing).
  • Oh, and the waters of Dibon will be filled with blood. And God will kill anyone who tries to escape… with lions. Got all that, Moab?

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