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Book of Isaiah Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Fish Fry

  • Now, Egypt is slated for a fresh demolition. God's going to go there, riding on a cloud. He says he's going to make them fight each other.
  • The spirit of the Egyptians will be emptied out. They'll turn to consulting the spirits of the dead and practicing magic (probably not the "pull the bunny out of top hat" kind).
  • As punishment, God will appoint a tough king to rule them.
  • The Nile with all of its canals and branches will dry up. This will hurt the fishermen and the farmers and the weavers, who all rely on the life that the Nile helps sustain.
  • The princes of Zoan and the counselors of the Pharaoh are too deluded to be of any help.
  • No sages are left who are capable of giving real guidance, either. This is all due to the fact that God poured a spirit of confusion into them, so that all of Egypt is reeling around like some drunk guy.

Highway Under Construction

  • The Egyptians will be like scared women before God (what can we say—Isaiah's not the most P.C. guy). The land of Judah will be a terror to them, with everyone cowering in fear before the power of God.
  • Five cities in Egypt—including the City of the Sun—will speak the language of Canaan and continue to pay worship to God.
  • There will be an altar in the center of Egypt and a pillar at its border, both dedicated to God.
  • God will send a savior to liberate the Egyptians from their oppressors, and they'll be free to worship God with sacrifice and burnt offerings. God will both strike Egypt and heal it.
  • Assyria and Egypt will have a highway between them, and people from both countries will travel to each other's countries and live there. Israel will be a third presence with them and all three countries will be blessed by God. Good times.

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