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Book of Isaiah Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Tyre Fire

  • Now, there's an oracle prophesying against Tyre.
  • Its ships, which once dominated the seas, are going to come back and see how the city has been destroyed.
  • Tyre once dominated trade on the ocean, but now the ocean will say to it that, unlike God, it (the ocean) never begat or raised any children.
  • Egypt will be disheartened by all the nasty stuff that happened to Tyre.
  • Isaiah gloats a little over how the city got wasted. He says they should make sure that God's responsible.
  • They can't even escape by going to the isle of Cyprus (nice try, Tyre).

God's Merch

  • He says the Chaldeans destroyed Tyre and tore down its towers.
  • Tyre will be forgotten for seventy years.
  • But then, like a forlorn prostitute, Tyre will wander around singing songs about how it wishes people remembered to pay attention to it.
  • God will make sure Tyre returns to her trade, like a prostitute restored to business. This time, though, it'll all be for God's greater glory. Tyre's merchandise will help people who are devoted to God.

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