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Book of Isaiah Chapter 24

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Chapter 24


  • Now, God goes back to the big theme of devastating the whole earth and not just specific nations. He's going to mess everything up and no one will escape: priests, maids, slaves, buyers, sellers. They're all in for it.
  • The earth and the heavens both wither up. The people all suffer and die as a penalty for their sins, just as wine dries up when the vine that supplies it withers.
  • No one will be able to party anymore, and there will be a massive wine shortage that depresses all the people still living in these devastated cities.
  • Everyone's going to praise God and sing songs of joy after this has all run its course, but for now Isaiah says that he will just be pining away.


  • Isaiah says that every inhabitant of the earth is at risk of getting destroyed.
  • Anyone who tries to run away will end up getting trapped.
  • The earth will stumble around like a drunkard because of its bad deeds.
  • God's going to punish both his own host, in heaven, and all the kings of the earth. They'll be locked in a pit and punished after many days.
  • The moon and sun will both be ashamed because God is replacing them and ruling over the earth with his own glory from Mount Zion.

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