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Book of Isaiah Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

A Fistful of Chaff

  • God says that he will put Ariel, the city where David camped, into distress. He says that, to him Jerusalem will be like an Ariel (meaning an altar, probably). He will besiege it like King David did.
  • Ominously, God says that Jerusalem will speak from the dust of the earth like a ghost.
  • But the foes of Jerusalem, too, are going to get pummeled, flying around like dust or chaff in the wind.
  • All these opponents are going to be just like a dream, passing away in the night. They'll feel like someone who dreams of drinking and eating, then wakes up still thirsty and hungry.
  • God has closed the eyes of the prophets and seers. They will just stupefy themselves and lie around like severely drunk people.

A Little Clay Pot, Short and Stout

  • This vision has come to Isaiah like a sealed letter that people who can and can't read won't be able to read—either because of the seal or because they're already illiterate.
  • Since the people only pay God lip-service and don't put any heart into what they're doing, God's going to punish them and take away the wisdom from their wise men.
  • People think they can hide their schemes from God, but they're just like a clay pot trying to have a will free from that of the potter who made it. It can't be done.
  • But Lebanon will become a fruitful field in a little while.
  • Then the blind will be able to see, and the deaf will hear. The meek and the needy will be rewarded.
  • Corrupt people and tyrants will disappear.
  • Jacob will be proud (instead of pale) with what his people have done, since they're honoring God now.
  • Even people who make mistakes and grumble will improve and be instructed by God.

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