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Book of Isaiah Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

A Lion—like Aslan!—Except Less Cuddly

  • God says, again, that people shouldn't be so impressed by Egypt or trying to make an alliance with them.
  • They should put their trust in God, since he's spirit, and the Egyptian horses are only flesh.
  • Both Egypt and Israel are going to be punished, both the helper and the helped.
  • God will be like a lion, unperturbed by the shepherds who are yelling at it for attacking their herds.
  • He will protect Jerusalem like a flock of birds hovering over Mount Zion, too.
  • Also, he says that Israel really does need to turn back to God and stop worshipping idols which, in the end, they'll throw away.
  • The Assyrians will be destroyed with God's sword, and their young men will be made into slaves.
  • Also, God says that his fire and furnace are located in Jerusalem (you know, in case anyone happens to be in the market for some really quality heating).

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