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Book of Isaiah Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

King of Rock

  • But amidst all the chaos that's taking place, Israel will find a just king who will be like a refreshing stream or "the shadow of a great rock in a weary land."
  • Instead of having their eyes closed and ears shut, they'll be opened, and the people will know the truth.
  • The villains are going to get punished, no one will think that fools are noble, and the truly noble will stand out heroically.
  • Isaiah tells women not to be complacent—the harvest isn't going to come next year. Therefore, they should strip off their clothes and put on sackcloth and wail.
  • The palace and the city will be deserted—wild asses and flocks will roam around there instead.
  • But when a spirit on high is poured out on the people, the wilderness will be transformed into a fruit field. The fruit field (a different one) will be transformed into a wilderness. The order of the world will be totally reversed: Justice will reign in the wilderness and righteousness in the field.
  • Everyone will live in peace—donkeys and oxen can range freely—and the forest and the city will both disappear.

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