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Book of Isaiah Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Rocky Times

  • God warns evil-doers that, when they stop destroying things, they'll be destroyed. And the treachery they've used will be turned back against them.
  • Isaiah asks God to have mercy on the people and pays tribute to God's strength and battle prowess.
  • He says that the fear of God is Zion's greatest treasure.
  • But valiant people are crying in the streets; no travelers are on the highways. Lebanon and other places are withering away. It's kind of a mess.
  • God says that he will exalt himself by destroying everybody, like throwing thorns into a fire.
  • God asks the people to acknowledge him and poses the question, "Who can endure my fire?" No surprise—it's righteous people, who don't look at evil or take bribes.
  • The righteous will be able to take refuge in rocks and have enough food and water to survive.

Roll On, Big River

  • The people will finally be able to see a beautiful and majestic king in a land that is equally great.
  • Instead of being surrounded by Babylonians and other foreigners who don't speak their language, they'll see that Jerusalem has become a nice, quiet, pious place.
  • God will be present, but like a river that can't be crossed by human ships.
  • Everyone will divide up their spoils, including the lame.
  • Sickness will disappear and everyone will be forgiven for their sins.

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