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Book of Isaiah Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Return of the Hedgehog

  • God announces to all the nations of the world that he's doomed them (said the nations, "rats").
  • Corpses will pile up everywhere; mountains will overflow with blood.
  • The host of heaven and the skies themselves will disappear or be rolled up.
  • God's sword will be gorged with the blood and fat of all the people it killed and all the animal's sacrificed to it, in places like Bozrah and Edom.
  • God will turn the rivers of Edom into burning pitch. It'll be a wasteland with only birds and hedgehogs owning it.
  • He'll spread chaos and confusion there so that the people re-name it with the snappy title "No Kingdom There."
  • After it's destroyed, wild animals will move in (like ostriches and jackals) and dark forces like goat-demons and Lilith (in later Jewish legend, Adam's first wife, who became a baby-killing demon). They'll all get to chill and relax there, inhabiting it forever.

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