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Book of Isaiah Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Hezekiah's Episode of Cribs

  • Envoys from the King Merodoch-Balan of Babylon come to visit Hezekiah to congratulate him on his surprising recovery.
  • Hezekiah thinks these guys are fairly boss. He gives them a tour of his palace and store-rooms, showing them his riches and oil and spices—his most cherished possessions.
  • Isaiah asks Hezekiah what he showed them and Hezekiah's like "Uh, everything."
  • Isaiah says there will be a time when all of that stuff belongs to the Babylonians, since they're going to conquer Judah and make Hezekiah's sons serve as eunuchs in Babylon—though not in Hezekiah's lifetime.
  • Hezekiah is very pleased and relieved that he'll be dead by that time.

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