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Book of Isaiah Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

The Coastland Hush Up

  • Isaiah tells the people of the coastlands to listen to him in silence as the people recover from the war trauma they've suffered.
  • He asks the people who called the Assyrians out of the East and then defeated them. God decides to field the question and answers through Isaiah, saying "I am."
  • The people are trying to stick together and help each other in the war's aftermath—with goldsmiths helping other artisans, beat-boxers helping a cappella groups...etc.
  • God tells them to take heart and to realize that Israel is still his servant. He's still got their back.
  • Everyone who opposes them will be defeated. Israel won't be able to even find enemies anymore (a welcome change from the near-constant history of siege thus far).
  • God calls Israel a worm and an insect, yet still offers lots of help, giving them the power to knock over mountains and crush them to pieces. Not a bad day for a bug.

Hot Air Idols

  • God is going to take care of the poor and the thirsty and needy. He'll also make water flow in dry places, and cause nice trees to grow up in the wilderness and the desert—all so that people will know of his power and mercy.
  • Next stop at excoriation station: idols. God dares the people to try to get good advice from their idols or learn about the future from them. Ultimately, it'll come to nothing because the idols are frauds and their worship is an abomination. 
  • God is always, always, super clear about his feelings on idols. God reminds them that he alone stirred up a power from the north, which came and crushed nations like broken clay pots. None of the idols could predict that it would happen—only God. God: 1,000,000. Idols: 0.
  • God alone gives comfort to Jerusalem, whereas the idols are like "an empty wind."

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