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Book of Isaiah Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Cyrus (Not the Jonah Hill Movie)

  • God has a little chat with King Cyrus (by chat, we mean God-driven monologue). He says he's going to help King Cyrus defeat the other nations of the world. God will break down city gates, knock down mountains, and give Cyrus treasure and rewards.
  • Even though Cyrus has no idea who this God character is, God says he's going to do all this for the sake of Israel.
  • God tells the skies to rain down righteousness, so that salvation will spring up from the earth (along with more righteousness). Quick message to the haters: it seems like people might criticize him for doing what he's doing or ask him why he's doing it. God says that's like a pot questioning its maker or someone harassing a woman in labor. He knows how to take care of his kids. He's a good parent.
  • He'll make King Cyrus fight for his cause, leading him to victory. Cyrus will set his exiles free from Babylon and rebuild Jerusalem.

Cutting Out Chaos

  • Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Sabeans will all come to Israel as slaves and bow down to it and its God.
  • All the idol-makers are going to be confounded and put to shame, but Israel will be saved eternally. (Talk about a clear outcome.)
  • God says that he didn't create the world to be chaos, but to be inhabited. So people shouldn't seek for him in chaotic ways. They should search for him in light and truth.
  • On the other side of things, the Babylonians are in desperate straits. Their idols won't be able to save them, and God will win his victory over them.
  • He says that he's already told them that he's the only God, but they refused to listen. Your loss, guys, God gently reminds them to switch tems sooner rather than later, since he's the only source of righteousness and strength.

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