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Book of Isaiah Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Exhausted Donkey

  • God keeps inveighing against idols. He says that pagan deities like Bel and Nebo are unable to save anyone. They're like burdens put onto overloaded donkeys. They exhaust people and solve nothing.
  • But on the other hand, God pledges to definitely save the House of Jacob. He'll carry them instead of burdening them.
  • God can't be compared to idols, since they're unable to speak. They are artificial and totally ineffectual.
  • He further asserts that he is supreme and that no one is above him (no harm in continually repeating this, apparently). To prove it, he'll call the Persian Army and King Cyrus out of the East. They'll be the ones to liberate the House of Jacob, freeing Israel from the Babylonian death-grip. Salvation is near…

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