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Book of Isaiah Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

New Ball Game

  • God addresses Israel, saying that they invoke his name but without any truth or righteousness inside them.
  • He announced different things to them in the past, he says, because he knew that when those things would come to pass, they would be obstinate and give credit to idols.
  • But now, God's turning over a new leaf. The things he's telling them in the present are things they've never heard before. It's a totally new ball-game.
  • Of course, you may remember a few chapters ago, when God also announced that things were about to get new up in here. "But this is super new," God explains.
  • They can't rebel against them or claim they've already heard them. God's making it brand new.
  • All the wrath that God's been inflicting on Israel, he admits, was really just a way of refining them—purifying them and knocking the rebellious attitudes out of their hearts. "Giant you're welcome, pals."
  • God affirms that it was all adding to his glory, so their struggles weren't in vain.

That's, Like, Soooo Totally God

  • God continues with more statements like, "I am He; I am the first and I am the last"—you know, classic God comments.
  • He says that King Cyrus has declared these things are true about God too, and God will support him in his military efforts against Babylon.
  • God reminds Israel to follow his commandments (he does this a lot, not that it helps). He says that, if they'd managed to do so before, their prosperity and their offspring would've been as great as the ocean or as numerous as grains of sand.
  • The people of Israel should go out, proclaiming God's victory over Babylon and shouting for joy. 
  • He reminds them that he's the same person who sustained them during the Exodus, bringing water from the rock for them, and here he is, saving the day yet again.
  • But, signing off, God reminds them that there will be "no peace for the wicked."

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