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Book of Isaiah Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

Heaven's Fertility Clinic

  • God says that Israel—depicted as a barren woman—should rejoice, because (paradoxically) the barren woman will end up having more kids than the married woman.
  • They'll need to widen their tents for all of the descendants who will eventually live in them. (Purchase diapers in bulk, etc.)
  • Israel can give up all its shame and disgrace. It can forget all the crazy, idolatrous, and sinful things it did in its youth. God is Israel's husband, who will comfort Israel like a wife who has been momentarily abandoned, but is then reunited with her husband.

Promise Keeper

  • He says that he was wrathful towards Israel for a moment ("lots of moments!" grumble some of the Israelites), but will now redeem it with everlasting love. It's the same situation as Noah faced. After the flood, God promised never to inundate the world again. And he kept his promise.
  • Whatever else falls apart and falls away, God says that his love won't.
  • God will deck Israel's foundations with jewels and make sure that its children will prosper and be instructed by God.
  • Oppressors won't come near again. If they do, they won't be sent by God and will fall when they confront God's people. So, they won't get around to the whole "oppressing" bit.
  • God will give them the weapons they need to defend themselves. He'll make sure that they won't be confused by the people who try to judge and deceive them.

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