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Book of Isaiah Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

Lactating Kings

  • Although darkness will settle over the rest of the earth, the light of God is going rise among the people of Israel. The nations that are now in darkness will later be led towards that light.
  • Currently on the approach: long lost sons and daughters, the wealth of the nations, a whole bunch of camels (thanks, we guess?), a whole bunch of curious kings that are eager to act as advisors, and the Glory of Lebanon (a WNBA team, we think.) He says that his wrath towards Israel was only momentary. Now's the time for mercy.
  • Of course, every nation that doesn't serve God's people will be destroyed. Makes their choice pretty easy, we think.
  • The descendants of people who used to bash them will come to bow down to them.
  • God will make Israel totally majestic, allowing them to drink the milk of nations and "suck the breasts of kings." (Yup, you read that correctly.)

Abstract Supervisors

  • God will switch all of Israel's lesser materials with better ones: gold will replace bronze, silver will replace iron, etc. Peace and Righteousness will be their supervisors. (Are they paid hourly?). Violence will cease, and the city will become a place of salvation.
  • There will be no more violence, and the city itself will be the place of salvation.
  • The sun and the moon will both disappear, being replaced by the light of God himself.
  • The people will be completely righteous. They'll be like a small shoot that has finally grown up into a full plant in bloom. Even the smallest clan will grow into a nation.
  • God promises to accomplish all of this quickly. Though the exact quote is "in its time, I will accomplish it quickly." Kind of a hurry up and wait situation.

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