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Book of Isaiah Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

Father of the Bride

  • The speaker says that God has anointed him and sent him to comfort the oppressed, release the prisoners, announce God's mercy and his wrath, and teach the people how to Dougie.
  • He says that the people are going to repair the ruins they've inherited from previous generations.
  • Although other nations will take care of Israel's flocks and vines (outsourcing!), the people of Israel are going to be like priests to the entire world, receiving the wealth of the nations and, as a fun bonus, everlasting joy.
  • God loves righteousness (in case no one's realized this yet), but he doesn't like wrongdoing. So, he says he'll make a permanent covenant with the people who really live up to his expectations.
  • God will make sure that everyone else acknowledges the greatness of his people, as well. 
  • Our non-God speaker (Isaiah? Future Messiah? Will Smith?) will personally exult in what God has given him, since he's like a person dressed in fine robes and clothes (representing righteousness), as a bride or a groom.
  • Righteousness will grow up around the world like plants tended in God's garden (and God has a real green thumb for this sort of thing).

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