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Book of Isaiah Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

A New Brand Name

  • God will keep working and hustling until Jerusalem's glory shines out brightly, evident to everyone. When this happens, it will be called by a new name.
  • The land will be adorned richly with all this goodness and majesty, like a royal crown for God.
  • As though it were actually married to God, the land will be known as "My delight is in her" and "Married," instead of "Forsaken." God will be a like a builder marrying his own creation.
  • The sentinels God has appointed will keep reminding Jerusalem of its destiny and keep reminding God of the same as well, until it's all fulfilled.
  • God promises that he won't give up the wine and the grain of his people to foreigners and enemies. It'll be reserved strictly for his own people.
  • He urges them to build up the highway that will lead into his holy city.
  • Then, they won't be known as a bunch of forsaken nobodies anymore. They'll be called "The Holy People."

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