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Book of Isaiah Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

Natural Dye

  • The first part of this chapter takes the form of a little Q&A sesh between God and someone else (a voice that exists to ask God questions, we guess).
  • The unnamed voice asks "Who's this guy coming from Edom?" God says, "Me, vindicating my power and saving people."
  • The voice asks why God's robes are red. It turns out that God's been stomping on some grapes—in anger and wrathfulness.
  • This is really a metaphor, he says, for trampling on and destroying the people of Edom, splattering their lifeblood all over his robes.
  • Now, we switch back into mercy mode. Our narrator says that God has saved his own people himself, without the help of any angels or any partners.
  • God lifted up the people, but then became their enemy when they rebelled against him.
  • But the people remembered Moses and the way God had led them during the Exodus.
  • The fact that they recollected this allowed God to save them.
  • So, like with the end of any "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode, chaos gives way to order. Things are back to being the way they should be, with the people contentedly shepherded by God.

Unknown Dad

  • At the very end of the chapter, there's a short prayer of penance.
  • The narrator moans that God's might and compassion are both withheld from him. Even though God is Israel's father, Israel fails to know him.
  • Since God has withdrawn his presence, Israel's been hung out to dry, basically. They're ruled over by their enemies and don't feel any different from any of the nations who aren't called by God's name.

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