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Book of Isaiah Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

Waiting for the Big Reveal

  • Continuing in the penitential prayer zone, the narrator wishes that God would burst through the heavens and come down to earth, making his presence known to all.
  • God did all sorts of rad things no one expected in the past, like making mountains quake and so forth. He's the only God who has ever really made himself known to people.
  • He meets the people who follow his law and rewards them, but when they sin he won't agree to the same kind of rendezvous.
  • Since no one calls on God's name, the people have become like falling leaves, blown away by the winds of their sins. God doesn't intervene to help.
  • The narrator says that, nonetheless, the people remain God's clay while he himself is the potter that shapes it.
  • Since Zion has been destroyed and so much of the land has been reduced to wilderness and chaos, the narrator asks God if he will continue to hide his face from the people.

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