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James, 1-2 Peter, Jude 1 Peter 1

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1 Peter 1

For Pete's Sake

  • This letter's from Peter. He's an apostle of Jesus Christ, and he's ready to party.
  • Peter's writing to believers in 
  • . There's probably a mix of Jewish-Christians and Gentile-Christians in those parts. In any case, it's a pretty diverse group.
  • Now, what does Peter have to tell us?
  • Well, for starters—everything is awesome! God gave the world Jesus and anyone who believes in him is gonna get some sweet rewards. That's the good news.
  • The bad news is that some people are gonna have to suffer for their faith. Yeah, it's a bummer, but some good things can come of it.
  • Namely, those who stay strong will show how amazing Jesus is and how much they love him. They're proving it all night. If they do this, they'll be saved.

The Bible Tells Us So

  • So, actually, this is good news. According to Peter, Jewish scriptures talk about the coming of Jesus, what he would do, and how he would save the people. Now Christians are reaping the benefits. Even angels don't get these sweet perks.
  • That means it's time to get ready. Gird your loins, gents. Don't fall back and start living like you did before you found out about Jesus. Keep the faith and good things will happen, says Peter.
  • God judges everyone by what they do. So don't get sloppy now.
  • You escaped from the crazy, pagan worship of your ancestors. You figured out that idols made of silver and gold could never save you—only the blood of Jesus could.
  • Now that you know the truth, he says, your souls are good to go. So, love your fellow believers. You're all like newborn babies who get a new chance at living life with God as your dad.
  • Peter quotes the prophet Isaiah and compares people to grass and flowers. Stay with us. Grass and flowers grow, but eventually, all plants wither and die. Just like human beings.
  • God, on the other hand, keeps going forever.

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