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James, 1-2 Peter, Jude 2 Peter 3

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2 Peter 3

The End Is Extremely Nigh

  • Peter reminds his readers that this is the second letter he's sent to them. (Oh, we remember, Peter.)
  • He's writing again to let them know that Jesus is going to come back. For real.
  • Yes, people are saying that he's a little bit behind. Yes, the disciples thought he would have been here already. What can we say? Jesus likes to be fashionably late?
  • This is all part of the end of the world anyhow. Naysayers will pop up and start trash-talking the second coming. We thought he'd be here already. You keep telling us he's on his way, but everything's the same as it always was.
  • Look, scoffers, says Peter, God destroyed the world once with water. Remember the flood? And Noah's ark? So, why wouldn't he take the whole place out again? This time he's going to do it with fire, though.
  • Also, you're forgetting that God doesn't keep time like humans do. He'll get here, but it won't be by our clocks, says Peter.
  • Besides, God might be waiting for more people to come around on this whole Jesus thing. After all, if he gives us some more time, more folks will be saved from those fires of destruction. See, that's just sensible.
  • Trust me, he says. The end of the world will come when we all least expect it. Everything's going crumble and die, and only the faithful will be left standing.
  • That means keep the faith, guys. Stay strong, be good, and fight the good fight, and you totally won't be scorched alive as God burns the Earth to rubble, okay?
  • Paul also mentioned this stuff in his letters. Of course, some folks don't know how to properly interpret a letter, so they're claiming that Paul's writing supports them. Nope. Paul's on Peter's side all the way…says Peter.
  • Right, so stay on the good path. Don't stumble and fall as you're walking along. Love Jesus and everything's gonna come up roses.
  • Peter out. Peace.

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