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James, 1-2 Peter, Jude Jude 1

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Jude 1

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Teachers

  • Who's writing now? It's Jude.
  • Hey, Jude.
  • He's a Christian and he's also James's brother. Way to keep it in the family, guys.
  • He's writing to all Christians everywhere.
  • Hey, all Christians everywhere!
  • When Jude was sitting down to write this letter, he got a little concerned about some certain folks who are operating in the community. They're telling everyone that being good people doesn't matter much. Peter called them "false teachers." Jude doesn't think much of them either.
  • Remember when God freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt back in Exodus? After that, he took down anyone who didn't give him the respect he deserved.
  • He didn't let those rebellious angels hang around either. And he didn't shed tears for those jerks in Sodom and Gomorrah. He punished those sinners and then he made himself a delicious ice cream sundae to celebrate.
  • The false teachers are just like these destroyed people. They could have reaped the benefits of salvation, but they decided to be sexually immoral, disobey leaders, and lie about angels. Not smart.
  • Back when Moses died and the archangel Michael came to collect his body, he got into a little tiff with the devil. But instead of accusing the devil of being a liar—which he was—Michael took his problems to God. And, oh did God judge.
  • These false teachers are like dumb animals who are headed for the slaughter. (Hey, we've heard that before. Must have been a popular ancient slam.)
  • They're just like Cain or Balaam or the guys who died in Korah's rebellion back in the Hebrew Bible. In other words, they're extremely stupid and extremely sinful.
  • And yet, these guys hang out in your midst. They sit with you while you're eating bread and wine during fellowship meals. They're the fly in your soup, ruining the whole meal.
  • A couple more metaphors if you don't mind. These guys are like clouds with no water, trees with no fruit, waves that wash shame onto the shore, and stars that have gone off course.
  • In the end, these dudes will rot in the deepest, darkness corner of Hell.
  • It's just like Enoch says. (He's Noah's great-grandfather, and even though it's not in the Bible, lots of Jews of the time enjoyed reading and discussing the Book of Enoch). He told everyone that God would come and judge the heck out the guys who didn't really follow him.
  • The apostles told everyone about this, too. When the world is about to end, all the naysayers will come out of the woodwork and try to break everyone up.
  • Of course, Jude knows that none of his people are going go down this dangerous path. They need to stay faithful, pray, love God, and look forward to Jesus' coming.
  • As for the naysayers? Try to be nice to them, says Jude. Who knows? Maybe they'll come back into the fold and start thinking and doing the right thing.
  • Last but not least: lean on Jesus, says Peter.
  • And that's all, folks.

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