Morality and Ethics

Be good

…Even an alien like E.T. knew the importance of upstanding morals.

The entire Bible is big on passing out rules for what makes a person upright and proper in God's eyes. These epistles are into doing the right thing (because God said so) and helping others (also because God said so). There's also some moral pronouncements we probably wouldn't agree with today. Wives obey your husbands? Not bloody likely. That whole slaves-obey-your-masters thing is majorly embarrassing, too.

Questions About Morality and Ethics

  1. Who decides what's right and wrong? The Bible says that God does, but do humans weigh in a little, too?
  2. James thinks you need both faith and works to be a good person. But what if you run a soup kitchen but don't believe in God? Does that still make you overall a "bad" guy in his view?
  3. These epistles have some advice on morality we probably wouldn't agree with today. What does that mean for the other rules in the Bible? If a few are suspect, are they all? Or is it a case by case thing?

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