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Baruch in Book of Jeremiah

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Baruch is Jeremiah's scribe. He records all of his boss's dire warnings and totally depressing prophecies, putting his own life at risk. At one point, they both need to hide from King Jehoiakim, who wants to capture and probably kill them because Jeremiah and Baruch sent a book to Jehoiakim's officials dissing their approach to the whole Babylon situation.

So Baruch's a faithful and trusty servant. He's Sancho Panza to Jeremiah's Don Quixote, Robin to Jeremiah's Batman. He copies down all the prophecies only to have them thrown into the fire by King Jehoiakim. Don't you hate when that happens? So what does he do? He writes them up all over again.

Baruch's rewarded for his valiant efforts with a special boon from God: not getting murdered by Babylonian invaders. Yeah, not exactly a Led Zeppelin T-Shirt, but probably more valuable (unless it's a vintage Zep shirt signed by Jimmy Page or something). God straight-up tells Baruch not to get too hopeful about anything really great happening, just in case he happened to be thinking about forming a band or buying some turntables. Survival is the only reasonable hope.

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