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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • God tells Israel not to follow the ways of foreign nations or check their horoscopes.
  • The peoples of the world have false customs. God leads the reader through a description of how idols are made, showing that they're the work of human hands and not real gods. They're like scarecrows in a cucumber field (yes, it really says that), incapable of evil or good.
  • Jeremiah agrees that idols are just the creations of goldsmiths and skilled workers.
  • But God's the real deal, not like those images. The people who encourage idol worship are fools.
  • The gods who didn't make the earth and heavens are false, temporary, and on deck for destruction.
  • Jeremiah says that it's God who made the world and who controls nature—lightning, rain, mist, wind, everything.
  • Idols are just delusions. Wake up, people!
  • Once Babylon conquers Judea, the people better pack their suitcases for Babylon, because that's where they're going.
  • Jeremiah cries out as the voice of all of Israel, saying that his tent is broken and his children have been lost and killed.
  • Israel's like a flock, scattered because of its clueless shepherds who failed to follow God.
  • The Babylonians are going to destroy Judah so that it will be a place where wild jackals come to hang out.
  • Jeremiah says that he knows God directs the steps of human beings and that mortals are helpless without him.
  • He asks God to correct him and his people—but not with anger, because that won't work.
  • Instead, maybe God could pour out his wrath on some other nations, like the enemies of Israel.

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