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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • Even though Jeremiah knows that God's in the right, he says that he personally wants to air some grievances.
  • He asks why the wicked have been doing so well without being punished.
  • He asks God to kill the wicked and relieve the people's suffering.
  • God answers that if Jeremiah is tired from dealing with these wicked people, he's like someone who has been exhausted from racing with foot-runners. So how can he compete when racing with horses (i.e. with really wicked opponents)?
  • Jeremiah shouldn't even trust his own family.
  • God says that he's forsaken Israel, even though they're still totally his favorite people.
  • But since the people of Israel apparently hate God now, he's leaving them to the wild animals.
  • Evil shepherds (metaphorically speaking) have trampled down the vineyard that God had planted in Judah and Jerusalem. They've ruined the land.
  • God isn't just going to punish Judah, but all the neighbors who've led them astray.
  • Then God will have compassion on the people of these different neighboring nations and Judah, and will let them return.
  • If they can worship God as they used to worship Baal, he'll have mercy on them. But if they don't, he'll tear them up and throw them out.

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