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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Too Little Too Late?

  • God explains that at this point he wouldn't forgive his people even if Moses and Samuel themselves came back and begged for mercy for them.
  • The people should simply suffer their fate.
  • Partly as punishment for the evil king Manasseh's wrongdoing, God will send wild animals and birds to drag away and eat the bodies of those killed during the war.
  • No one will have pity on Judah, since they've rejected God.
  • The women and mothers have all been destroyed, and the same will happen to their children.
  • Jeremiah wishes he was never born. People curse him and see him as just a troublemaker.
  • God says that he's going to continue to protect him. It'll get better.
  • But not for everyone else. They'll be plundered and destroyed, and whoever's left will be sent into exile.
  • Jeremiah asks God to have mercy on him and kill all his persecutors and enemies.
  • Jeremiah liked God's words, but he's also had to deal with insults about being a Debbie Downer for breaking the bad news to everyone on God's behalf. Nobody wants him around.
  • He tells God he's been like a "deceitful brook" to him; he's been unreliable.
  • Yowza. Way to insult the God of Israel to his face.
  • Again, God reassures Jeremiah that he won't let his persecutors harm him. Sticks and stones…

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