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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • Since the children of Judah are going to die from deadly diseases, war, and famine, God tells Jeremiah to be celibate and to never get married or have kids.
  • He also prohibits Jeremiah from visiting people to mourn or celebrate with them..
  • All happiness and merry-making and wedding celebrations are cancelled.
  • When the people ask Jeremiah why all this is happening, he's to say that it's because they followed the evil practices of their ancestors.
  • But wait. There's a light at the end of the tunnel: God says that eventually people will praise him not only for bringing them out of Egypt but also out of the kingdom in the north (Babylon).
  • The invaders God's sending now are like hunters and fishermen trying to kill and catch the people of Judah. He'll punish them for their love of idolatry.
  • The nations of the earth will eventually all gather to worship God. But first he's gonna teach everyone a lesson.

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