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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

  • This chapter begins on a more positive note. That shouldn't be too hard, since the other chapters have been non-stop disaster.
  • God tells Jeremiah to write down in a scroll everything God's told him.
  • The day will come when God will restore the fortunes of all the people from Judah and Israel and let them go back to their homeland.
  • At the moment, men are in so much pain that they look like they're going into childbirth. But Jacob's people will be liberated in the end. They'll serve God and the righteous king like David instead.
  • God will bring the other nations to an end, but they themselves will be saved (though they'll have been punished pretty well beforehand).
  • Things may be bad for the people now, but God will restore them to health and punish all the nations and peoples who've been plundering and exploiting them.
  • God will have compassion on Jacob, Jerusalem will be rebuilt, merrymaking will begin again, and things will be like they used to be. They'll even have their own prince and six months of free HBO.
  • They'll be God's people and he'll be their God again.
  • God's wrath might not make sense now when they're suffering through it, but in the future the reasons will be clear. It's that "God works in mysterious ways" thing, we guess.

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