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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

  • While Jeremiah's imprisoned in the court of the guard, God's word comes to him.
  • God says to call on him and learn the secrets that God knows. He predicts that the houses in Jerusalem will be filled with dead bodies once the Babylonians get into the city.
  • God's hidden his face from his people, but he'll reveal it again and guide them and have mercy on them. Healing, prosperity, and security will eventually return.
  • Even though the city's now an empty wasteland, it'll be filled again with merriment, marriages, and people bringing offerings to God.
  • Judah and Jerusalem will become safe, holy, and righteous. God will send a "Branch" from the House of David to rule the people with justice and righteousness.
  • David will always have a descendant on the throne, and the Levitical priests will always be ready to offer sacrifice.
  • The offspring of David and the Levites will increase exponentially.
  • Again, God says that even though the people think he's permanently forsaken Judah and Israel, he hasn't. He'll definitely make it up to them someday.

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