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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Desert Dwelling Teetotalers

  • In the days of King Jehoiakim, a word comes to Jeremiah from God. It tells him to go see the Rechabites, bring them to the temple, and offer them some wine.
  • So Jeremiah takes the Rechabites to the chambers of a man of God named Hanan in the Temple, and offers them wine.
  • They refuse because their ancestor, Jonadab, told them not to ever drink wine. He also told them never to plant a vineyard, build houses, or settle down and practice agriculture. They're supposed to live a nomadic existence in tents.
  • The Rechabites are only living in Jerusalem because of Nebuchadnezzar's invasion, so they're stuck in one place for now.
  • God speaks to Jeremiah again and tells him to go to the people of Judah. He's supposed to tell them to learn a lesson from the Rechabites.
  • The Rechabites continue to obey their ancestor's laws, but the people of Judah can't obey God even when he commands them right to their faces.
  • So in punishment, God's going to bring disaster on Judah (somewhat predictably, at this point).
  • But God promises the Rechabites that they'll always have God's favor.

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