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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Circumcising the Heart—the Latest in Cardiovascular Surgery

  • If the Israelites return to God, both in their hearts and in their actions, he'll forgive them and the nations will be blessed.
  • God says that they need to circumcise their hearts—have inner purity—or else look out.
  • The people should return to their fortified cities, and get ready for the invasion that's coming from the north like an angry lion. It would also be a good idea to put on some sackcloth and do some serious weeping.
  • God says that the king, the priests, and the prophets will all be surprised and terrified at these new developments.
  • Jeremiah responds, saying that God has deceived Jerusalem by telling them that all would be well when it's really gonna be quite horrible. Nervy move, J.
  • God's wrath will come like a hot desert wind. He'll bear down on Israel with a chariot like a whirlwind.
  • God and Jeremiah call out for more repentance. God says that prophets are warning Israel from Mount Ephraim and Dan. It's National Prophesy Doom Week.
  • Jeremiah cries out in pain, saying that the horrible fate destined for his people is really upsetting him.
  • In a vision, he looks around and sees that the world is totally desolate and empty. The heavens are dark, the mountains are quaking, the birds are gone, and God has laid all the cities to ruin.
  • God says that he's going to wreak great desolation, but won't make a full end to the Israelites.
  • The heaven and earth will mourn all this destruction, and the people will hide from the invaders, leaving all the towns empty.
  • Although Judah continues to act like a prostitute, dressing in crimson and wearing way too much eyeliner, in the end she'll be destroyed by the same pagan forces that she'd taken as lovers, fainting and crying out like a woman in labor.
  • We get it. God is very, very angry.

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