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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

  • When Jeremiah finishes, Johanan and Azariah accuse him of lying: they don't believe God really advised them to stay. Typical.
  • They claim that Baruch is encouraging Jeremiah to get them to stay so they'll be handed over to the Babylonians.
  • So Johanan takes most of the people who remained in Judah (including Jeremiah and Baruch) and heads for Egypt.
  • They disobey God and arrive at Tahphanes in Egypt.

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  • God tells Jeremiah to take some large stones and bury them at the entrance to the Pharaoh's palace.
  • He tells Jeremiah to announce to everyone that Nebuchadnezzar will ravage Egypt and build a throne above the stones. He'll also send people to their destined punishments of war, famine, or disease.
  • Nebuchadnezzar will burn the temples of the Egyptian gods and take them (probably meaning their idols) captive.

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