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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

Another Moabite Bites the Dust

  • Next God/Jeremiah prophesies destruction for Moab.
  • The fortified Moabite cities are in ruins. In Heshbon, people had plotted Moab's destruction, but they'll be destroyed too.
  • Cities like Horonaim cry out about the destruction. They're warned—they should fly away and live like wild animals in the desert.
  • The god Chemosh will go into exile and the people will be destroyed for trusting in their wealth.
  • The towns, valleys, and plains will all be devastated.
  • The warriors shouldn't hold back in devastating Moab, either. Bloodshed is a divine duty, and they'll be cursed if they don't do it.
  • Right now, Moab's still unspoiled—it's like a full jug of wine.
  • So it's the perfect time for invaders to drink that wine and smash its jug. Moab will be ashamed of its god, Chemosh.
  • God continues with some more generic predictions of destruction for Moab. Cities like Dibon and Aroer will be devastated in the invasion.
  • Jeremiah lists all the cities in Moab that are on God's hit list.
  • Moab should get drunk and wallow in its own vomit, says God. Nice.
  • Israel was once a laughingstock to Moab, but what goes around comes around.

How Many References to "Another one Bites the Dust" Can We Manage?

  • Moab should flee and take refuge like a dove that lives in a craggy gorge.
  • God mocks the pride and insolence of Moab, although another voice (Jeremiah's?) says he mourns for it.
  • The invaders destroy its fruits and wreck its wine presses. There's shouting, but not shouts of joy.
  • The Moabites will be totally eliminated, since they're a bunch of people who worship many gods.
  • But the prophet's heart laments for Moab.
  • All the Moabites are shaved and gashed and wearing sackcloth.
  • God sweeps down on Moab like an eagle casting its shadow over them. Everyone gets creamed and the warriors are terrified.
  • The Moabite sons and daughters are captured, and the worshippers of Chemosh all die.
  • But actually, God says that he will restore Moab in the future.
  • See a pattern here?

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