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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

But Wait, There's More

  • Finally, God gets around to proclaiming judgment against Babylon. Just when you thought it was safe to be the conqueror…
  • Babylon and its gods Bel and Merodach will be put to shame.
  • Another nation will come out of the north to destroy it.
  • The people of Israel and Judah will be freed and they'll go back to Zion with a new everlasting covenant.
  • They'll be led back home like lost sheep with God as their shepherd.
  • God's going to stir up a great (Persian-Median) army against them. Babylon will be plundered.
  • Although Judah's plunderers are happy now, they'll soon be punished. Babylon will be devastated and uninhabitable.
  • Everyone should go attack Babylon and turn it into a wasteland.
  • Israel's been persecuted and exiled by both Assyria and Babylon. God will punish Babylon like he did Assyria, and the Hebrews will all return home and live without sin.
  • God continues to get riled up about Babylon—he'll bring out his full armory to destroy them. Its bulls will get killed and its grain will be plundered.
  • Refugees from Babylon will even come to Jerusalem, which is ironic given what they did to that city and its Temple.
  • God will set Israel free from its captors, saving Israel and crushing Babylon in the process.
  • What they did to others will now be done to them.
  • God lists all the people who are going to get it: Babylonians, their officials, their sages, their diviners, their warriors, and their horses and chariots. He also curses the foreigners fighting for them, saying they'll become like women, i.e. ravaged.
  • He curses Babylon's treasures and water supply, and says the people there have been a bit too infatuated with their idols.
  • Wild animals and ostriches will take over Babylon, and it'll never be inhabited by humans again.

New Kids on the Block

  • God tells everyone to look to the north where the new conquerors (the Persians) are getting ready for battle, riding toward Babylon like a roaring sea.
  • The King of Babylon feels like a woman in labor hearing the news.
  • God will appoint whoever he chooses over Babylon's ruined empire. He asks who else is like him or can accomplish all this. Yeah, who?
  • The little ones of the Babylonian flock will be dragged away, and the sound of Babylon's cries will be heard everywhere.

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