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Book of Jeremiah Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • Jeremiah urges the tribe of Benjamin (the people of Judah) to flee Jerusalem because the invasion's imminent.
  • God urges the invaders to attack, telling them to cut down trees and prepare a siege ramp to enter Jerusalem.
  • God wants the Babylonians to scour Judah as thoroughly as a grape gatherer picking grapes from a vine.
  • Jeremiah says that the people aren't listening to him, but he's filled with the wrath of God and is tired of holding it in.
  • God's wrath will flow out onto everyone: children, young people, husbands and wives, and the elderly. Their houses will be inherited and lived in by others.
  • Everyone's greedy and even the prophets and priests are corrupt.
  • People should return to the ancient godly way they used to follow.
  • But they don't, so of course God is going to dish out some more punishment.
  • God doesn't care about frankincense or sweet cane or burnt offerings—not that there's anything wrong with that—but he wants to see the heart and soul behind these things.

Sackcloth is the New Linen

  • Judah will be invaded by these merciless Babylonians from the north, who sound like a raging sea when they march into battle.
  • The people are terrified and anguished, scared to go out onto the roads alone lest they be killed by the invaders.
  • Fashion alert: Jeremiah urges everyone to wear sackcloth and repent.
  • God tells Jeremiah that he's meant refine the people, but the people are still rebellious and are more like unrefined metals, bronze and iron. Judah's like silver that has been rejected because of its impurities.

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