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Book of Jeremiah Abandonment

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Man, who isn't getting abandoned in this book? The people abandon God, God abandons his people, Jeremiah accuses God of abandoning him. This book is really heavy on abandonment issues.

But at the same time, it promises people that they'll eventually be taken back to God. Abandonment's just a phase where they seem to be stuck without God's presence, but he's going to eventually lead the exiles out of Babylon. God hopes that the experience of being deserted will teach the people to stop abandoning God. It's a lonely world out there.

Questions About Abandonment

  1. At one point Jeremiah says that God has become "like a deceitful brook" to him. Has God really abandoned Jeremiah? Does he make up for the sufferings that have been inflicted on the prophet?
  2. Who doesn't God abandon? Is there hope for anyone in the book?
  3. How do people abandon God?

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