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Johannine Epsitles (1-3 John) 1 John 3

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1 John 3

Children of God

  • Believers get to claim a pretty cool title for themselves: they are "children of God." Try to buy that dad a gift on Father's Day.
  • When God the father comes to Earth at the end of time (which is happening very soon, we hear) everyone will know that these believers are God's children. And, we assume, rue the day they ever doubted them.
  • But you've also gotta be good for goodness sake.
  • If you're tight with God, then you shouldn't be sinning. (Wait, didn't this guy just say that it's bad news to think you can't sin? We're confused.)
  • If you do what's right, you're in God's family. If you sin, you're the devil's child.
  • You know what's also really terrible, says the speaker? Not loving others. That's what Jesus has been trying to tell everyone from the beginning.
  • Advice: don't be like Cain who murdered his brother. He's a really bad role model.
  • He continues: you know you're alive when you love other people. If you hate, you're dead. No, not literally, but close enough.
  • If you hate another believer, then you're just as bad as Cain—a murderer.
  • Christians should be willing to die for each other (like Jesus died for them) if need be, says the author.
  • At the very least, they should be willing to pass along some food and money to friends in need.
  • Yep, it's not enough to just say we love others; we have to prove it with our actions.
  • According to the author, that's pretty much all God wants from people: believe in Jesus and love each other.

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