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Johannine Epsitles (1-3 John) Sin

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The elder can't seem to make up his mind about sin. Can believers sin? Or does believing make you incapable of sinning? For the elder, the worst sin of all is not following the community's teachings about Jesus. So in a way, a true believer would never commit that greatest of sins. Other stuff, though? Lying… cheating… adultery…

Well, we're only human.

Questions About Sin

  1. Does the elder think Jesus died for our sins? Or is he saying something else?
  2. How does the cycle of sin and forgiveness work? Does the elder have any guidelines for how Christians are supposed to get forgiveness?
  3. The elder seems to break out categories of sin. Is he saying some bad deeds are worse than others?
  4. What is sin, according to the elder?

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