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Gospel of John Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

House Party

  • Don't worry, Jesus tells the disciples. Just believe in me and believe in God and things are going to be great. See, God has this amazing house.
  • He's a bit of a real estate mogul. Anyway, the house has tons of rooms in it. I'm going there to get a room ready for each of you. You guys know the way to get there, right? Jesus asks the disciples.
  • Nope, Thomas answers for the group. Completely clueless.
  • Here, we think Jesus may be resisting the urge to sigh loudly.
  • "I am the way," he tells them. He's also "the truth" and "the life." You need to go through him to get there, otherwise you'll never find God.
  • Why doesn't Jesus just show them God? Phillip asks. That would be way easier.
  • Jesus may be resisting the urge to smack Philip just a bit. Haven't I been with you this whole time? Haven't I been talking about this for fourteen chapters now? If you've seen me, you've seen God. I thought I made that clear. 
  • Jesus really has his work cut out for him with these guys.

The Advocate Is Coming

  • Jesus tells them that God is going to send them an Advocate (a.k.a. The Holy Spirit). The world isn't really going to get the Spirit, but the disciples will. He'll be with them always. Sound like anyone we know?
  • Jesus promises that he'll come to them, too. If they love him, he'll be there for them forever. What a romantic.
  • Anyone who loves Jesus will be welcome with God. But anyone who doesn't love Jesus won't be so lucky. Don't blame Jesus though—those are God's house rules. 
  • Jesus isn't going to be around much longer. His bags are packed and he's leaving very soon. But if the disciples really loved him, they'd be happy to see him go. After all, he's going back to God.

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