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Gospel of John Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

The Vine and the Branches

  • Jesus tells his disciples that he is like a vine and God is the caretaker of the vineyard. He's never out of metaphors, this one.
  • God cuts off all the branches on the vine that don't grow grapes. The branches that do produce grapes, though, he prunes and trims, so that they can make even more beautiful, delicious grapes. Everyone wants to be a delicious grape.
  • Without Jesus, the branches can't grow at all. If people don't believe in him, their branches will be cut off from the vine and end up dead and withered. Branches like that are usually gathered up and thrown in a bonfire. Very subtle, Jesus.

The Greatest Love of All

  • If the disciples listen to Jesus, they'll know what love is. He's got the secret.
  • The greatest love in the whole world is self-sacrificial love—when you lay down your life to save your friends. So, the disciples have some pretty big shoes to fill.
  • Sure, Jesus is the boss, but the disciples are no longer just his underlings. They're his friends. That's why he's going to die to save them.

Haters Gonna Hate

  • Jesus tells the disciples that people are going to hate them. That's not good news.
  • The naysayers came after Jesus and they're going to come after the disciples, too. 
  • These people are filled with hate and they don't know or understand God. So watch your backs, disciples.

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