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Gospel of John Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Outlook Not Good

  • Jesus tells all the disciples to watch out so they won't trip up along the way.
  • He wants them to have a heads up because the people that hate him aren't going to stand by and let the disciples just run around worshipping and teaching. Nope, they're going to try to kill them. Some of them will even think that, by killing the disciples, they'll be doing right by God.
  • But, they'll be wrong. Very, very wrong.
  • In case it wasn't clear, we're reminded that Jesus is telling them all this so they don't forget—not much chance of that—and so that when all this stuff happens, they'll remember that Jesus predicted it.
  • Major you-heard-it-here-first moment.

Total Bummer

  • All this talk of endless persecution has got the disciples seriously depressed.
  • Don't worry, Jesus tells them. It's all for the best, really. You'd rather know than not know, right? Um, they might be going with "not know" right about now.
  • Seriously, though, when the Holy Spirit comes, things are going to be much better.
  • First, the disciples will be suffering. Then they'll be overjoyed. It's kind of like a mother giving birth. The labor pains are terrible, but once she holds that baby in her arms, it's all forgotten. All forgotten? Obviously Jesus has never given birth.
  • So it's going be tough for a little while (when Jesus dies), but then things are going to get way better.

Plain and Simple

  • Before, Jesus used all kinds of metaphors to tell the people what he meant. Now he's just going give it to them straight.
  • Jesus came from God. Now, he's going back to God. The end.
  • The disciples are excited. Jesus has finally gotten through to them. No questions, right? And they all believe in him to boot. 
  • Sure, but Jesus reminds them that one day they're going to leave him all alone. We're thinking this day is coming pretty soon.

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