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Gospel of John Sacrifice

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You probably remember that little sacrifice Jesus makes to save, um, all of humanity. And get this: he's more than happy to do it because he believes it's God's will for him. After the events of this story, Jesus's disciples would follow in his footsteps and give up their own lives in complete obedience to God. We moderns may not be disciples, but the Gospel opens this question up to us, too: how far will we go for what we believe?

Questions About Sacrifice

  1. Why does God ask Jesus to die? It is fair? Why does Jesus go along with it? Why doesn't he fight back?
  2. We all know about the big sacrifice in the Gospel of John. But what about the rest of the story? What other kinds of sacrifices are made in this gospel?
  3. Is Jesus asking everyone to sacrifice their lives for some greater cause? Or is this just something he has to do?

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