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Gospel of John Truth

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Pontius Pilate was a real guy. Boom. You've been truthed.

But wait. Truth as it's used in the Gospel of John isn't only about listing off facts and figures. When Jesus tells us the truth, he means that he has access to a spiritual reality that is ordered by God and that is unknowable by the ordinary world. We guess Google doesn't know everything.

Questions About Truth

  1. Okay, we're stealing this question from Pilate, but it's a good one: What is truth? How would the figures in the Gospel of John respond to this questions?
  2. Jesus says, "the truth will make you free." Does this advice hold true for the rest of the story?
  3. The Gospel of John tells us that Jesus is the only source of truth. Is this a comforting idea or dangerous one for the figures in the gospel? 
  4. When the authors of John's gospel say that everything written in this book is true, what do they mean? Are they talking about cold, hard facts?

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