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The Twelve Minor Prophets Habakkuk Chapters 1-2

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Habakkuk Chapters 1-2


  • The first two chapters are a dialogue between Habakkuk and God. Habakkuk challenges God for his inaction and God responds.
  • It’s sinfulness as usual in the world of the Minor Prophets--oppressing the poor, worshipping idols, ignoring God’s law. Just another night in the big city.
  • Habakkuk asks God why he’s not doing anything about all this sinful behavior.
  • God tells Habakkuk not to worry, he’s making plans for dealing with the situation by using the Chaldeans (Babylon) as agents of punishment. He adds that Habakkuk wouldn’t believe these plans if he heard them, they’re so awesome.
  • He’s working on these plans right now, getting the Chaldeans ready.
  • He describes to Habakkuk how badass the Chaldeans really are.
  • Habakkuk’s pretty surprised—he asks why, if these Chaldeans are so terrible, he’s allowing them to destroy Judah. Are they going to get away with this kind of behavior forever—conquering everyone?
  • Then he waits for an answer.
  • God replies and tells Habakkuk to write down his plans because they might not happen right away but the people have to know about it.
  • He reassures Habakkuk that he sees the difference between the faithful and the unfaithful.
  • He then proceeds to pronounce doom on the Chaldeans, who’ve been writing their own sad ending by going around conquering and destroying everyone in sight, not to mention worshipping inert idols made of stone and wood.
  • As opposed to God, who’s the opposite of inert.
  • All the earth has to be in silent awe of him.

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