Hosea Chapter 2

Tainted Love

  • This breach won’t last forever, though.
  • Instead of “Not My People”, they’ll be named “My People” and “Lovingly Accepted”.
  • God promises that he will eventually restore Israel, giving the people countless children, and a fruitful land.
  • They’ll be united with Judah and have one ruler over both of them.
  • Next is the first of three speeches that blend prophetic poetry with the language of a lawsuit. The complaint: Israel broke the covenant, or contract, in which it promised exclusive obedience to God in exchange for his protection and bounty.
  • It sounds like Hosea is speaking to his adulterous wife, but we get that it’s God using Hosea’s marriage as a metaphor for God’s relationship to Israel.
  • Hosea warns his wife (or God warns Israel) to stop being unfaithful or he will strip her naked, let her starve, destroy her stuff, abuse her kids and cut off every path to escape.
  • She’ll rue the day she left to go after other lovers.
  • Will he take her back? Fat chance—let her prance around all dolled up in the clothes and jewels her faithful husband bought her.
  • Or not.
  • After he’s taught her (Israel) a lesson, he’ll woo her back and pledge everlasting love.
  • She’ll be devoted to God forever and the kids will get back in God’s graces.

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