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The Twelve Minor Prophets Joel Chapter 2

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Joel Chapter 2

Enter Night, Exit Light

  • Next up for the day of the Lord: both the sun and the moon go into a total eclipse, all of the stars disappear and the earth shakes, just like every other season finale in “Doctor Who”.
  • Why do the prophets keep harping on the sun, moon, stars and earthquakes in their descriptions of the day of Yahweh? Astrology, that’s why.
  • The Lord will lead a mysterious army into the land, into every house—they’ll come in through the windows, BTW.
  • But even in the midst of all this divine wrath, God’s ready to forgive.
  • The people can save themselves at the last minute by turning back to God with their hearts, and who know—he might relent.
  • If the people come together—adults, kids, old people, brides—the priests can beg on their account.
  • God will take back the people in compassion, and send the Assyrians into the seas.
  • God will restore the land as it used to be, plenty of wine and oil for as much pasta Bolognese as needed.
  • Everything lost to the locusts will be paid back and people will recognize God as their protector.
  • God will pour out his spirit and people will prophesy and have visions, even slaves.
  • A terrible day of the Lord will come—blood and fire, pillars of smoke, that sort of stuff—but people who call out to God will be saved.

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