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The Twelve Minor Prophets Malachi Chapter 3

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Malachi Chapter 3

Supreme Court

  • This is the chapter in which God promises to send his messenger before judging all nations in the day of the Lord.
  • The angel will purify the wicked like a smelter so they’ll finally be able to offer righteous sacrifices.
  • But first, all the liars, cheaters, and oppressors will have to answer to God.
  • God makes the point that he’s still God and they’re still Jacob—the basics of the covenant haven’t changed. They just have to get with the program and God will turn back to them.
  • He suggests they try doing the right thing and see what happens: plenty of rain, no locusts, and good wine harvests. What, no figs?
  • God will spare the righteous and punish the wicked, which, let’s face it, by now is rather predictable.

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