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The Twelve Minor Prophets Micah Chapters 1-2

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Micah Chapters 1-2

One Love

  • Micah starts off with another breach of covenant lawsuit, with Yahweh acting as chief witness. Things do not look good for Israel and Judah.
  • Samaria and Jerusalem will be laid waste, because the evil in Israel has infected Judah as well.
  • Once again the people of God have been metaphorically selling their body to support their idol addiction.
  • God is still not happy with wealthy and powerful people who take others’ property. It’s a lot like how people criticize foreclosures by big banks that helped cause the American financial crisis, except Micah isn’t wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.
  • Prophetic word games department: Micah says that taking other people’s land robs them of their heritage. (2:2) At the end of the book, Micah describes God’s covenant people as God’s heritage. (7:18) Ancient scholars noticed stuff like this when they were burning the midnight oil …
  • Micah says these people are so drunk with power that they would be happy to hear a career prophet say, “I will preach to you of wine and strong drink.” (2:11) This could very well be the first prophetic prediction of Superbowl commercials.
  • God promises to break up this little cabal and re-unite the virtuous remnant of Israel and Judah in one nation. Give Micah dreadlocks and he’s the ancient Israelite Bob Marley.

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